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lol, @Rosy61987, I told you I had a nokia phone that would fit! 

lol, @Rosy61987, I told you I had a nokia phone that would fit! 

About Me

Hilary Haven ♥

Yes, I have a child.

22 year old from The Lone Star State, w a precious baby girl. Living w my boyfriend in a place I've never been (Virginia to be exact and now Georgia!). I reblog on this page a lot, but I also share personal stuff, mainly my daughter, boyfriend, Arpakasso collection, and my personal everyday struggle.
I love cupcakes, Arpakasso plushies, owls, birds, and anything cute!
Sometimes I also post NSFW, anti-circ, breast is best, and self harm. So beware. But I do not spam my blog with it!

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